NKR Call

The NKR was founded in January of 2019 and supports collaboration.
The NKR itself is based on the prolific cooperation of two artist duos.
The NKR invites artists that have decided on long or short term collaboration: artist groups, collectives, connectives and co-operations between human and non human participants.

For an exhibition in NKR, a budget of 4000 EUR will be provided for fees, travel and accommodation costs, as well as material expenses. The NKR continually applies for further grants and provides help with project proposals to Kunststiftung NRW.

All proposals for this call should correlate with the exhibition duration of 9th October to 8th November 2020. Within this time frame the exhibition can change: shrink, grow, or be flanked by events.

The proposals should be outlined in image and word on a DIN-A0 poster and sent to Anne Schülke, Postnummer 934297537, Postfiliale 541, 40233 Düsseldorf by October 15th 2019.

The DIN-A0 poster (digital design, screen-print, collage, etc.) should contain, at the very least, the names of all involved and a draft of the exhibition idea/concept in form of photographs, drawings, sketches, texts, or graphics for instance.

In November, a jury will decide on one project which will be realised. The jury consists of Mathias Antlfinger (Cologne), Ute Hörner (Cologne), Detlef Klepsch (Düsseldorf), Anne Schülke (Düsseldorf) und Roman Zheleznyak (Essen/ Wuppertal).

All posters will be hung in the NKR between 12. - 22. December 2019 in a public Exhibition.

Only posters which were entered in adherence to the deadline 15. October 2019 and in the correct DIN-A0-format will be judged und will appear in the exhibition.

Please be aware that no further materials such as catalogues, portfolios, USB-sticks, DVDs, CDs, etc., can be sighted. Therefore it is imperative that only posters in Din-A0- format be sent. We ask for your understanding that no further information can be given via telephone or the like.

Photocredit: Achim Kukulies, Düsseldorf