No Pop. No Style. Simply Waves

Waves! Waves! Waves everywhere! Waves in the ether. Waves before the Fujiyama. Radio waves from far away planets. Hair waves. Waves on the Rhein. Waves for surfing. The wave equation of sound and light. The structure of quantum waves that hold the universe together. Nothing but the wave!

Always in motion, some feel invited to sway along and others inspired to meditate. So we are dedicating ourselves to the wave. Through colour. Through light. Through sound. - But no pop ! No style! Simply waves! Be it the dance of waves or the seductive sound of waves. No embellishments! No techno! Simply waves!

Performance: Frieder Butzmann
23.02.20 at 4pm

Idea and organisation: Detlef Klepsch & Anne Sch├╝lke

Photos: Johannes Bendzulla