Amaltheia e.V. 

Amaltheia the nymph raises Zeus on the milk of a goat, whos broken horn bestows great abundance upon them, when it is played as a cornucopia.

Since then, always, Amaltheia orbits him attentively -Jupiter alias Zeus- in association with many other attendants.

The formal and technical recourse as well as the contentual references to art history characterise the work of Sonja Alhäuser, Björn Dressler and Christoph Knecht in entirely different ways.

Unfathomable, Baroque-ephemeral pleasures, flowing wine and bodies of butter, planets, molecular cosmoses and paleontological resurrections, european colonialism, Arab Spring in artisinal Majolika tradition liked on tiles, shared and twittered.

Idea and organisation: Katharina Maderthaner & Christian Schreckenberger

Photos: Johannes Bendzulla | Achim Kukulies (Photo No.7)