SKIN II (2019)
Interactive Audiovisual Performance using Biomedical Signals by Claudia Robles-Angel

In this new version of the performance SKIN created in 2014, the artist incorporates new sonic elements (recording fields) and algorithmic sound treatment creating a more complex composition.As in the former version, the artist interacts with sounds and images using a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) interface, which measures her skin's moisture in order to transform the audiovisual environment. The variations of these values are an indication of psychological or physiological arousal, such as for example appearance of stress or relaxation.

The visual environment is created by microscopic images from the performer's skin recorded in real-time and the entire performance is inspired by the natural skin shedding process.

Idea and Organisation: Detlef Klepsch & Anne Schülke 

Claudia Robles-Angel, "SKIN"
© the artist and VG Bild-Kunst
Photo: Roland Baege