Klangsondagen für Thomas Kling
by Matthias Muche, Nicola L. Hein feat. Christian Reiner, Luis Negrón van Grieken and Matthias Neuenhofer

The work of author Thomas Kling has left significant traces on German literature and has set new standards in many areas. In his texts, Kling often emphasises the tonal dimensions of speech through the omission of vowels, the use of different dialects, the accumulation of sound chains and a particular type of speech or lecture, without eliminating the semanticity of speech. Through this focus he has also found ground-breaking answers to questions concerning the communication of music and text and the musicality of poetic speech.

Together, the Trombone – guitar duo Matthias Muche / Nicola L. Hein and Vienna based voice artist and speaker Christian Reiner, as well as video artists Luis Negrón van Grieken and Matthias Neuenhofer will interpret and perform the texts of Thomas Kling.

Concieved based on the term “Speech-installation” the artists have taken texts from Thomas Klings writings, processed them visually/digitally, musically and vocally, developing musical/spacial compisitions. The focal point of these works is the intimate interlocking of text, music, speech and image, hereby opening up completely new perspectives, not only on Klings works, but on the communication of music, images and speech.


Photos: Detlef Klepsch