besondere Situationen - besondere Maßnahmen
extraordinary situations call for extraordinary measures

In some instances, extraordinary situations call for imaginary or real museums that show genuine or invented collections concerning the highly virulent or irrelevant topics of our times, with academic or non-academic managers or directors.
They can, under certain circumstances (which have to do with our notion that humans are the sole recipients of culture and cultural production), require rethinking and the taking of action which – after millennia of our pets loyalty and dependence – takes them seriously as the beneficiaries and audience of such cultural offerings.
In addition to this, the extraordinary idiosyncrasies of the contemporary art and exhibition landscape require an extraordinary answer to the question of who exhibitions are directed at today and why.

Museum für Autokolonialisierung: Heinrich Weid
Performances for Pets: Krõõt Juurak & Alex Bailey

Idea and organisation: Katharina Maderthaner & Christian Schreckenberger

Photos: Johannes Bendzulla